Storage space rental on Chamonix

Notice to traders and / or craftsmen of Chamonix, the company Vivaxis has 25m square cellars isolated and fitted with a ceiling height of 2.40m for professional storage purposes, for example to store clothing type products, equipment mountain or ski equipment, but it can also be storage of professional or private archives ...

There are many possibilities for professional storage in Chamonix in the city center. Avoid going too far back (s) between your storage space located far away and our Chamonix storage space located probably a few hundred meters maximum maximum of your shop.

Espace de stockage sur Chamonix

Storage on Chamonix

During October / November 2018, a storage space will be available in Chamonix city center, fully secured, accessible 24 hours a day and secured by surveillance cameras. Store without fear your professional stuff on Chamonix in the premises of Vivaxis Chamonix, Blanc-neige, 262 Rue Paccard in Chamonix.

Stockage archives, archivage Chamonix

Storage of professional archives in Chamonix

This storage space located in a converted cellar can also be used for storage of professional documents, for tradesmen, craftsmen, liberal professions, law firms, real estate agencies of Chamonix, etc.

The possibilities are many, do not hesitate to come to see this professional storage space located in Chamonix Mont-Blanc center town.

Rental rates for Chamonix storage space

This storage space, located at 262 Rue Paccard in the Blanc-Neige gallery will be rented at a rate of 250e / month net (no VAT recoverable because the Vivaxis company is not subject to VAT) for a surface of 25m square.

A different price can be arranged according to your needs if you are ready to share this space with one or more other professional(s) of Chamonix.

Caution : We only have 25m square available
Check availability before you commit.