Concept of coworking in Chamonix

Coworking is in development all over the France, and everywhere else in Europe, because the concept of being self-employed and itinerant is attracting more and more people who simply want to enjoy working around the world simply with a computer and an Internet access. This is what that seduces people doing coworking on Chamonix : enjoy the valley in summer and winter, to live in an attractive and touristic place, to enjoy winter sports or to mountaineering and hiking. In Chamonix, coworking makes sense for all those people who arrive with a backpack and a laptop in it, so they can find places to work a few hours a day, or a few days a week, without having to be always at the same location.

Co Work a Chamonix face au Mont Blanc

Coworking and breathtaking views!

You leave your office, take a short break, and you find yourself facing the Mont Blanc chain, what more could you ask for as an attractive working environment ?! Working on Chamonix is ​​a chance for the living environment that we could have, just open your eyes every day ! Smile ! You work in Co-Work on Chamonix !

Ski et coworking sur Chamonix

The work after the Off-pist Ski

You can decide when to go to work, either before the morning of ski, or from the lunch break for the whole afternoon ! In coworking on Chamonix you decide yourself for the slots allocated to work, and those allocated to recreation. In return from the station, going to work with a smile is a chance to never pass.

What is coworking in Chamonix ?

Coworking in general is a concept born in San Francisco defining a common workspace in which coworkers encourage exchange and openness. It may also be related to the concept that different people are each working on a common project to ultimately bring the project to the team, where each member of the team has had a role to play.

> In France, coworking arrived officially and under name Coworking (or Co-working) in Marseille, then in Lyon and Paris around 2007/2008, yet it was already present between Hackers, who gathered in common places to realize their virtual exploits in collaborative mode.

In Chamonix, coworking has been present since around 2010, when a mainly English-speaking community had dedicated certain workspaces in cafés and / or private areas. Coworking spaces have emerged in the valley on Chamonix, Argentiere and Les Houches, and are appreciated by the occupants, from what can be read on the web about that.

Chamonix coworking rue paccard

Cotravail and Coworking Chamonix

Whether you need an office for a few hours or a few days a month, depending on availability, discover the solutions offered by Vivaxis Chamonix in terms of common working spaces in the city center of Chamonix ! Ideally located Doctor Paccard street, you are in the heart of the most popular ski resort in Europe.

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